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Mental Wellness

General Mental Health resources

pdfAbout Mental Health:
This document provides general information about mental health and wellness.

VideoiCON health fair at Khalsa Diwan Society (2 Hours 9 Minutes)
Watch iCON’s Mental Health and Wellness workshop held at the Khalsa School Society on March 28th, 2015. (Punjabi only)

pdfDoes Someone You Know Have a Mental Illness?:
A two-page booklet that provides information about identifying mental illness among friends and family.

pdfMyths about Mental Illness in South Asians:
Detailed information about the myths people have about mental illness. (Punjabi only)

pdfRoyal College of Psychiatrists: Mental Health Information Fact-Sheet:
A three-page booklet that provides information about treatments for depression and how it can change rapidly. (Punjabi only)

pdfCauses of Psychosis:
A three-page booklet that provides information about Genetis, environmental causes of Psychosis, and how relapses can be reduced.

VideoiCON forum: Panel Q&A session with summary (46 Minutes 31 Seconds)
Watch a panel of health professionals answer audience questions and concerns about mental health. Sunday, March 27, 2016 (Punjabi only)

Depression and Bipolar disorder

pdfMaking Sense of Depression:
This document provides information about the causes and symptoms of depression.

VideoDepression (23 Minutes 15 Seconds)
Dr. Kala Singh shares common misconceptions and also symptoms of depression.  Sunday, March 27, 2016 (Punjabi only)

VideoDepression by Dr. Jain (26 Minutes 20 Seconds)
Dr. Leena Jain, talks about Depression at the Mental Health and Well-Being workshop held on Nov 28, 2015 at the Sangam Education & Cultural Society. (Punjabi only)

pdfTypes of Bipolar Disorder:
This document is a fact-sheet providing information on the different types of Bipolar Disorder. (Punjabi only)

pdfBipolar Disorder: What Does it Feel Like?:
Fact sheet providing information on Bipolar symptoms. (Punjabi only)

pdfBipolar Disorder: Effects on the Family:
A two-page booklet that provides information about the impact of Bipolar Disorder on families and also includes the Family Toolkit that can help the family cope.


pdfCoping with Stress:
This document provides tips on how to cope with stress.

pdfStress Management: Part 1:
A three-page booklet that provides information about what triggers stress and strategies to manage stress.

pdfStress Management: Part 2:
A three-page booklet that provides information about various stress management strategies.

VideoManaging Anxiety (13 Minutes)
Dr. Gulzar Cheema talks about raising awareness about mental illness in the South Asian community and managing anxiety. Sunday, March 27, 2016 (Punjabi only)

VideoUnderstanding Anxiety (17 Minutes)
Dr. Jogi Harrad shares information about anxiety. This workshop was organized at the Sangam Education and Culture Society on November 28, 2015. (Punjabi only)

Alcohol and Drug Problems

pdfAlcohol and Drug Problems:
This document attempts to reduce stigma associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

pdfDepression, Alcoholism, and Violence in Punjabi Males:
Detailed information about Depression, alcoholism and violence among Punjabi men. (Punjabi only)

VideoUnderstanding Substance Abuse (22 Minutes 16 Seconds)
Dr. Jogi Harrad shares the hazards of alcohol and its negative impact on health. Sunday, March 27, 2016 (Punjabi only)

Teenagers and Children

pdfRealistic Thinking for Teens:
A four-page booklet identifying steps that caregivers can use to help teens start using realistic thinking to manage their anxiety.

pdfYouth and Substance Use:
A four-page booklet that highlights information about factors that lead to substance use in teenagers and how to prevent it by using different strategies and resources. (Punjabi only)

pdfAttention Problems in Children and Adolescents:
The document provides information about Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) in children, as well as its different sub-types and treatment options.

pdfBehaviour Problems in Children and Adolescents:
A two-page booklet that provides information about behavioral problems and Disruptive Behavior disorders in childhood and adolescence, as well as treatment options.

pdfGetting help for children with mental health concerns:
Answers to questions regarding seeking help for mental health issues among children. (Punjabi only)

pdfHealthy Thinking for Younger Children:
4-page booklet that provides a stepwise approach to coping with anxiety.