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Eating Right on the Road

Are you working irregular hours that make it challenging to eat during “normal” meal times? For example if you work as a truck driver, use the following tips to help maintain healthy eating habits even while constantly on the road!

  1. If there is an in–truck refrigerator, use it to stock healthy food and snacks. This will minimizes the need to grab fast food when hunger strikes and you don't have time to stop for a meal
  2. Avoid candy bars and chips. Instead, focus on foods that will keep you fuller longer, like string cheese, pretzels, popcorn, and fresh fruit and vegetablesCurry
  3. When eating at fast food restaurants look for smart choices, many restaurants now offer baked options, low–fat or low-sodium alternatives, and fresh fruits and salads. Menus often times have these options marked for easy identification. Key things to looks for would include grilled/broiled instead of crispy/fried, request sauce/ dressing on the side
  4. Aim to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily to balance calories and nutrients when meal choices are limited
  5. Plan some quick meals; like instant oatmeal (also available in Asian flavours now) and other high-fiber breakfast cereals paired with non-fat or low-fat milk and fresh fruit are quick and easy breakfast options that can be prepared while on the road
  6. Making your own meals allows you to control the fat, calorie and salt content of your food. Specialty appliances like portable coolers, mini slow cookers and lunchbox cookers can provide truckers with the freedom to store and cook their own meals in the comfort of their trucks simply by plugging into a 12-volt outlet. Here is a simple recipe you can follow for Chole.
  7. Choose your beverages wisely. Calories from beverages can add an extra 100 calories per day contributes to 10 pounds of weight gain annually. Drinking diet or artificially sweetened drinks may leave you craving other sweets and other foods, so stick to water or unsweetened coffee or tea to quench your thirst and keep you hydrated. A lot of times thirst is mistaken as hunger.
  8. And lastly- though not related to food, but it is important to get out of the truck and flex/ stretch your muscles when possible.

By Registered Dietitian Priti Suri

Easy Ways to Cut Unhealthy Fats from your Diet

Instead of... CHOOSE
Butter Margarine
Regular cheese Low-fat or non-fat cheese
Creamer or half-and-half Non-fat creamer
Homo milk 1% or skim milk
Full fat yogurt Fat-free yogurt
Paneer Tofu or paneer made at home with skim or 1% milk
Mayonnaise Light or non-fat mayonnaise
Chicken with skin on Chicken without skin
Cashews and peanuts Almonds or walnuts
Whole eggs Egg whites

General resources

pdfCanada’s Food Guide:
This document provides general diet information and recommended servings for each of the different food groups.

pdfHealth Eating and Healthy Aging for Adults:
This document highlights the meaning of healthy eating and provides information about the nutrients required to maintain health while aging.

pdfHealthy Snacks for Adults:
Information about how snacking habits change depending on age, health, weight and activity level, and an emphasis that not everyone needs snacks.