Diabetes Banner


BookletDiabetes Overview
Detailed information on the signs and symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis, monitoring parameters and lifestyle modifications/self management strategies for patients with Diabetes.

BookletHealthy Living
Learn about Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Management

VideoEye complications
This video discusses the impact of diabetes on vision. (Punjabi only)

pdfDiabetes Journal
A journal for tracking your blood sugar levels before and after meals. (Punjabi only)

pdfWhat is Diabetes?
Fact sheet describing diabetes that further explains how to manage this condition through a healthy diet and self management. It also provides information on the symptoms of high blood-glucose levels and recommends health concerns you should discuss with your family doctor. (Punjabi only)

pdf15 Healthcare Essentials
The document highlights the minimum level of healthcare all diabetic patients should receive. It ensures patients are informed of the screening and health concerns they should mention when visiting their family doctor or specialist.

VideoInpatient Diabetic Care
Dr. Birdi explains what a patient can expect to experience when admitted into a hospital for diabetes complications. (Punjabi only)

VideoChildhood Diabetes
Dr. Bhurji discusses symptoms of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in children. (Punjabi only)

VideoTravelling to India
Dr. Gulzar Cheema shares important tips to keep in mind when travelling to India.