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Top Ten Tips for Managing Your Diabetic Medications
by Reena Mahli

  1. Don’t start/stop any medications before speaking to a health professional first.blister packs of medication
  2. Majority of medications are to be taken with food.
  3. Check with your pharmacist for any other special instructions on when to take your tablets.
  4. Maintain a routine to take your medication at the same time every day.
  5. Consider blister packing if you take many medications.
  6. Have a list of your medications handy.
  7. Know the names of your medications, what they are for and what they look like.
  8. Check with a pharmacist or physician before starting any herbal/aruyvedic medications.
  9. Be travel conscious.
  10. Return any unused or discontinued old medications to the pharmacy.


Top Ten Tips for Diabetics that Travel

  1. Make a list of your medications.
  2. Take enough supplies for 7 days in your carry on in case you lose your luggage or have delayed access to it.
  3. Make sure you get a letter from your doctor indicating you are taking insulin.
  4. Inform your airline that you require a diabetic meal.
  5. While travelling, drink enough fluids and avoid consuming excessive amounts of alcohol or avoid it all together.
  6. Take your latest test results with you
  7. If you visit a doctor while travelling, bring back all the details and results of any tests done during the visit.
  8. Don’t change your medication without the approval of a qualified medical doctor.
  9. If you are taking any complimentary medication, let your medical doctor know.
  10. Remember to adjust your doses of medication if your activity or diet has changed during your trip.

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